What to do with….. the Living Room..for Her

I want to start with the living room, because it is one of the most important places in your home. It is where you spend time with your friends, family, or a simply spend a lazy saturday in the sofa… it is perfect to have last minute dinners, or a birthday party until the break of dawn!

First of all, you need a comfortable sofa. In my case (and in that of most New Yorkers’) the living room, and of course the sofa, is going to be your guest room! therefore, you should not buy an ugly and boring sofabed, you have to be creative and make good use of space you have!

And for those lucky enough to have a second bedroom, your cool living room would serve as a perfect guest-room for third group of friends!….

My first composition is dedicated to successful NY women. I created a female living room, (that  does not mean cheesy), cozy, where the predominant color is Pink , so fashionable now!

A place where any woman can feel comfortable.

I hope you like it!



1.Rug , 2.Side table, 3.Floor lamp, 4.Tender chaise lounge by Patricia Urquiola, 5.White deer, 6.Table lamp, 7.Factory rolling bookcase, 8.Coffee table .

And after that here we go with more pictures that inspire me for a living room for her….. all of the pictures that I found  were on pinterest, where I can spend  all day looking at pictures, I love it!!

blue chairs

pink sofa

paris apt

green sofa

pastel colors


interior of kelly wesler

blue sofa

white woman

more pink

more pastel

blue sea






pink wall

The next post is going to be about “HALLOWEEN”, and after that I’ll continue with the living room For Him, and For a Couple.

See you on Thursday!


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