This week is all about Halloween, and Livingwithmargarita was not going to miss the opportunity to share with you some fun and scary ideas!

Stores across the board in NY have all changed their usual showcases to add the Halloween touch, and home-furnishing and decoration shops have stocked-up on new stuff for you to get ready to enjoy the party…you can buy almost the unimaginable, to prepare your home for nice rounds of trick or treat for kids (and adults!), and after that host a special dinner or a party at your home for your special “scary” guests!

These are some pictures that have inspired me for decoration for the garden and the home entrance

pumpkins road 9e7d0b44afab76990cdb2e3ab6faca59

halloween porsche

vampire halloween


funny halloween

scary pumpkins

In addition, here are some pictures to get you thinking about decorating your home for the greatest Halloween party!


halloween mirror

treat or truck

candies halloween


halloween cokies

halloween bones

decoration halloween


halloween brunch



halloween dinner


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