What to do with.. the Living Room.. For Him

After a long-break, we’ll start  with a “living room for Him”.

A “living room for Him” doesn’t mean that the most important thing is to have a big TV (which I hate, by the way). Just as with the “living room for Her”, the sofa is very important , it must be comfortable and practical, so that you can use it also as a bed for visiting guests (remember that I’m thinking like a New Yorker, and here the space is very limited!)

A guy’s living room doesn’t mean that it has to be all black or all with  dark leather, or with sports posters, etc.. 🙂 you can set up a really cool place that is cozy, with harmony, but also screams masculinity!

Here is my collage for a “living room for Him”, and below that there are several images that I like.



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