Arnold in the City

After a Long Long Break… Livingwithmargarita is back!

It has been almost a year since my last post. Since then, I have been focused on other exciting projects, working hard and learning a lot!!

But now, I’m come back with “recharged batteries”!!!…and I’m going to need a lot of that energy because as you can see in the headline, this post is about Arnold.

Who is Arnold??

Arnold is the newest member in our family! He is a puppy and this post is to honor him!

He is a NewYorker dog! He is very lucky because NYC is one of the most pet friendly cities in the world. The City and its people make it easy for you to have a dog here.


I’ve been doing research on the best places to go with your dog to enjoy the city and in this post I’d like to share some tips with you hoping it’s useful if you already have a dog, and who knows, you might even feel like getting one! 🙂

The first place you must go with your dog is CENTRAL PARK. Here your dog could feel free running, playing and meeting more dogs. There are a lot of places inside the park where you could unleash your dog – check out the following site for information on Central Park Paws:


If you are visiting the City and you don’t want to leave alone your best friend, NYC has a lot of pet friendly hotels.

One of my favorite hotels (I have to do a post only of this, I promise) is Pet friendly! 🙂

The Marlton Hotel is a Hotel boutique situated in the heart of Greenwich Village. The style of the Hotel plays with a century old building and a retro-modern decoration, the mix is amazing!



Also you can go and relax reading a book in front of the chimney or dining at Margaux, the restaurant inside the Hotel, very very cozy.



For brunch go to Claudette. Provençal restaurant very close to the hotel (24 5th avenue). It’s a very welcoming restaurant, with large windows, white walls and fabric walls decor all in soft tones; these elements with the chosen decoration makes a perfect couple! and if we add to this the mediterranean food, evokes to you directly to the Provençe. If you go please take a look to the the ceilings, the crown moldings and the floors, I love it!

The interior design Studio Dekar did a wonderful job in this space.The outdoor terrace is very pleasant and you can bring your dog, if the weather permits.





After brunch, I usually take a walk to Washington Square Park, where there are always different performances and events. Inside the Park you have two small parks only for pets.


Lastly, take your Best Friend to Madison Square Park and enjoy a fantastic burger and fries at Shake Shack , Arnold loves it!

Pre wedding evening at Shake Shack in Madison Square Park, NYC.






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