Do you dare…….?

Yesterday I went to a place which I had forgotten. We tend to constantly seek out the new and trendy restaurants, in search of new experiences, and often we forgot about the classics that never Fail us.

It happened to me yesterday, when we went to celebrate the birthday of one of my friends! The age is not important, we are in the thirties era but we feel like twenty! 🙂

The place is a Speakeasy named Employees Only.

When you walk trough de velvet curtains, you are immediately submerged  in an Art Deco atmosphere. Covered with wood-paneled walls, the lighting around the pressed-tin ceiling, the overhead luggage racks in the elevated dining room, the bartenders and the cocktails you feel like you are in the golden era of NY in 1920’s.

The food is really good too, it’s really entertaining go dinner while there are people on the Bar drinking and dancing…. and we are not going to be less!! and in between the dishes we were dancing, and meeting people! (How was Marta) 😛

I highly recommend that you check out Employees Only for a fun dinner with friens… even on (especially on) a weekday!

Thank you again Leticia for inviting us to this place and for reminding us of the great things which I had forgotten….












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